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Afternoon links: The “Bossy” debate, Veronica Mars, Orphan Black and more


Buzzfeed has exclusive images from Orphan Black's second season. OH MY, I AM VERY EXCITED. Tatiana Maslany is so amazing. (Buzzfeed)

Arthur Chu lost on Jeopardy! last night and I rejoiced. But he got the last laugh when he uploaded this Weird Al lip sync video which scared and SCARRED me for life. (Uproxx)

Colin Powell totally won Throwback Thursday with this selfie. (Slate)

Lainey’s intro for today perfectly encapsulates what so many of us are thinking. (Lainey Gossip)

Aside from the blatant “Robin has no female friends” part, Robin and Barnie’s wedding photos are pretty warm and fuzzy inducing. (HuffPo)

There’s been a lot of opining on Sheryl Sandberg’s new quest to ban the word “bossy.” I like Magaret Wente’s suggections that we suck it up and reclaim it. (The Globe and Mail)

Meanwhile, NYT columnist Charles M. Blow says we’ve got to “to see our girls and boys as more than skirts and pants, damsels and squires, child-bearers and breadwinners.” Both valid suggestions. (New York Times)

The men behind Enlisted did an AMA on reddit today. Best quote: "We are not above 22 minutes of shirtless Hill brothers. Or pantless. We really want a 2nd season," from Mike Royce. I really just want to swear allegiance to Kevin Biegel and Mike and follow them everywhere. But then I’d be a weird creepy stalker. (reddit)

Shameless self-promotion alert! Here’s my review for the Veronica Mars movie. (MSN Canada)

And for those manly men thinking Veronica Mars is just for chicks, here are seven TOP NOTCH reasons why you should get on board and marathon the series. (Vulture)

Gawker’s got an important PSA for everyone: Twitter is public. (Gawker)

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Last Night on TV: Juan Pablo becomes the first supremely loathed Bachelor & more


I must confess Juan Pablo never did it for me back when he was a 5th place runner-up on The Bachelorette so after watching his first night as The Bachelor (oh those awkward introductions!), I quickly called it quits on the season and remained smugly superior about it all season long.

In short: he picked Nicki but couldn’t say “I love you” to her then so didn’t propose. And was still unable to muster those three little words during the After the Final Rose special. In fact, all he could do during that final hour of programming look out at Chris Harrison, the viewers, the studio audience, the rejected girls, the network and not-so-subtly implied:




(In broken English, no less.) You’d think all that would cause viewers to maybe, I don’t know, stop watching future seasons. But the network announced Andi as the new Bachelorette, collective squeals and awwwws were heard and here we go again in a couple months. Boo.

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Afternoon links: JB is a dick, HIMYM theories might be wrong & a Rookie Blue set visit

First things first: yes, Rookie Blue was filming in my (work) ‘hood so it was an ideal time to drop in and get a scoop on season five. I talked to Travis Milne and Gregory Smith (can you spot them above?) and became positively giddy about the upcoming season. However, I’m now sworn to secrecy but here are some additional photos on my Instagram and there’s some info on my Twitter. Oh you guys, it’s gonna be goooood.

Moving on, Justin Bieber doesn’t know the difference between “detrimental” and “instrumental.” Oy. And that’s not even the worst part of his deposition videos. (Lainey Gossip)

About all those wild HIMYM rumours? The titular mother says you’re crazy. (Us Weekly)

I guess I didn’t really realize cocktail parties were over, because I continue to host them. But if they really are, here are the reasons they should come back. (HuffPo)

The Fug Girls think there’s SOMETHING up with the Cambridges and that’s why “The Spare and Cressida” are out and about a fair bit this past week. They’re probably right. (Go Fug Yourself)

Veronica Mars premiered at SXSW this weekend. I got to screen it last week (hella job perks over here!) and, like other fans, squealed with delight through a lot of it. I’m more curious to hear reactions from non-Marshmallows, but here’s the round-up of reviews from the fest. (Zap2It)

Are you following this whole missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? It’s NUTS. Here’s everything they know thus far. (Buzzfeed)

Last night if my Twitter feed wasn’t all about the CSAs (snooze, no thank you) it was all the US TV journos I know tweeting about Lilo’s reality show on OWN. It sounds like total insanity. In a good way. (Gawker)

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There’s nothing I love more than the love Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have for each other over on The Voice. It’s actually the best thing happening on reality TV this season (okay, and every season). 
But last night I’m pretty sure Blake became a ventriloquist for a hot second and Adam was his puppet (doll? dummy?).

There’s nothing I love more than the love Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have for each other over on The Voice. It’s actually the best thing happening on reality TV this season (okay, and every season).

But last night I’m pretty sure Blake became a ventriloquist for a hot second and Adam was his puppet (doll? dummy?).

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Last Night on TV: Olicity shippers swooned hard, Nashville’s music improves, & more




Did you die when he caressed her face? I’m not even on the Olicity bandwagon and even I squealed a little in delight. It’s a cheap TV (and movie) trick, but I love it when they make one person all truth-y with the aid of painkillers and/or booze. I think I loved it more when he immediately noticed her workout wear with the whole “what are you wearing!?” (More Olicity gifs here.)

Couple ‘shipping aside, Arrow gave us a solid punch in the teeth cliffhange-y ending with Slade being revealed to Oliver. He obviously reacted with surprise but there are still so many unanswered questions: did he know Slade was still alive? How did they leave things? (Come on island flashbacks, catch us up!) Does Oliver immediately suspect him or link him to the Brother Blood crime ring? Maybe he’s happy to be reunited with Slade? In other words, hold on because the end of season two is going to be all kinds of crazy awesome.

Over on Nashville, Scarlett made poor decisions (tsk, sleeping with 2013) while her former (boy)friends formed a trio. Gunnar, Zoe, and Avery singing together at the beginning of the episode = genius. Those three are going to clean up on iTunes. Juliette’s "Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet" was top notch too - very apt for her storyline/current career - but it just got The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two” stuck in my head all night. (I think that’s meant to be a compliment.) Actually, the aforementioned trio should totally cover The Band Perry tracks. Yay country music!

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Last Night on TV; The return of Glee, Linda Cardellini stays put on New Girl & more

Linda Cardellini being added to New Girl is going to give it the new life it SO desperately needed. She’s the perfect catalyst for drama between Nick and Jess - without it being relationship-based conflict - and is crazier than Schmidt, which means he’ll be back in business and no longer whiney and lame. And she totally effs with Winston, so finally he has someone to play off of (because him and Coach together are meh, at best).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is forcing me to take back some of the shit I talked about it earlier in its season. I still don’t think it deserves that Golden Globe, but the secondary characters have really been played up, rounded out and are taking the edge of Samberg. Also, I totally related to his whole “I’m 33 and didn’t grow up and all you guys did and now I’m betrayed” storyline this week.

Cougar Town opened with Laurie’s hair in a bow. No no, shaped like a bow:

At which point I couldn’t even concentrate and what the hell happened next.

Lastly Glee…it makes me weary, but I recap it over on and so I was forced to relive Santana and Rachel verbally abusing each other for an hour (with one physical instance of a slap to the face). Lesson learned: you’re never going to be besties with your high school tormentor. But at least with Glee we get a treat of Adam Lambert covering “I Believe In a Thing Called Love.”

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Last Night on TV: A feast of new episodes! HIMYM, The Voice, Mom, Star-Crossed & more


So during the Olympics I took to rewatching early HIMYM episodes, and yes, we all groan about it now more than say great things, but this show is a tightly written masterpiece. It really is. Go back and watch the pilot; that is a KILLER first episode. We don’t get sitcom pilots that solid and promising anymore.

Moving on, we’re finally at 10 hours before Barney and Robin’s wedding - mere weeks away from the finale!! - and of course, the quest for Barney’s hangover fixer elixir is the main thing standing in the way. Great call backs to Weekend at Barney’s, Tantrum and Lily’s desire to makeout with Robin.  PLUS flash forwards into the future, which I feel really is a thank you bonus from the creators and writers to let us know where everyone ends up. Cristin Milioti really is perfect as the mother.


Over on The Voice, Shakira and Usher returned and it was GLORIOUS. To kick off the new season, the judges all covered each others hits. Blake Shelton’s rendition of Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” was both totally disarming and yet weirdly right; and then she tagged in with “Boys Round Here” and I mentally set my PVR for the rest of the season. Because I NEED to to see Usher’s hair look increasingly like a chia pet as well as worship the return of Adam and Blake’s bromance.

All you need to know about Mom, is that Nick Zano AND Octavia Spencer were back. I demand they stay because Spencer and Allison Janney’s back-and-forth is just what the show needs. Janney needs a sparring partner up at her level.

Lastly, the appearance of Jonathon Schaech’s face on the CW’s Star-Crossed has totally cemented my loyalty to this ridiculous gong show. I may have uttered “Ugh, Julie Taylor, you’re the WORST” at least 5 times, but otherwise, let’s DO this alien vs human thing.

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Afternoon links: Tim Riggins, Veronica Mars trivia & the men of Enlisted


Clear eyes, full hearts, Tim Riggins can’t lose. Swoon. (Buzzfeed)

The classical cover of “Let It Go” that will totally melt your heart. (Huffington Post)

I can’t explain it but the only issue I have with this Fantastic Four reboot cast is Kate Mara. Someone tell me why I dislike her so much! My feelings are almost at Shailene Woodley levels of contempt now. (Vanity Fair)

How well do you know your Veronica Mars guest stars? Apparently better than the cast… (EW)

These designs to refurbish Paris Metro stations are just SO SO cool. I wish Toronto did something more than just let films shoot in the ghost stations. (Wired)

How can you not completely adore the men of Enlisted? (Fox/YouTube)

Jimmy Fallon’s first week at the helm of The Tonight Show continues to be a roaring success and I’m not just talking about Emma Thompson’s charade skilllllz. Check the Brian Williams/Lester Holt “Rapper’s Delight” he cooked up. (Jezebel)

Cute kids reenacting Oscar-nominated films, so you don’t have to watch the real ones. (Vulture)

This is old, but it’s always important to revisit things that praise Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night. Or at least applaud it for making you re-watch tons of clips on YouTube. (The New Yorker)

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Afternoon links: Vintage Evgeni Plushenko, classic TV shows & future Ben McKenzie


Plushenko is a legend; we can all agree on that. But I still find him totally skeeeevy. So his routine set to Ginuwine’s “Pony” is just all kinds of disturbing and fantastic at the same time. (Jezebel)

Greatest relationship guide to women EVER. (Huffington Post)

This is how I read this list: Muppet Babies! Yes! The Smoggies! Breaker High! Yes! Hang TIME! YES! CITY GUYS!? YES!! FLASH FORWARD-OMG-YES! You get the picture… Basically I want all the most random TV shows on DVD stat. FYI though, California Dreams IS on DVD. I know because I own it. (Buzzfeed)

House of Cards Against Humanity is a THING. And you can order a pack here. FOR FREE.

If I was a cat, I’m pretty sure I’d be this one. (Gawker)

Ben McKenzie + #Batman spinoff = me likey! (The Wrap)

What’s most disturbing about the Ford brothers is how they can be so vague about shit and so many people still believe them. That and the close-ups of their faces in their YouTube series. (BlogTO)

Jimmy Fallon’s guest list for his first week hosting the Tonight Show just keeps getting more and more impressive. (THR)

The cast of Frozen sang live and it would have been the greatest thing ever to attend. Alas, I was not there but at least some people were around to document it. (EW)

Here’s a new take on why the #SochiProblems phenom is actually a poor reflection of Westerners. (PolicyMic)

Has Nina Dobrev scooped up Miley Cyrus’ ex-fiance? I could get behind this. That leaves The Hutch and/or Smolder for me, right? (Lainey Gossip)

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Last Night on TV: Man, everyone’s getting some this Valentine’s Day!



Even SHELDON AND AMY are getting a decently hot (toasty warm?) first kiss.Oh come on, you totally squealed over it too.

It’s also further proof that Jim Parsons really does deserve all the awards and nominations he’s received for The Big Bang Theory over the years. The not-so-acute body language was perfect — as was the post-kiss tone.

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