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Last Night on TV: Spelling money can buy Tori another TV show but it will never fix her face

The world can’t fault Jennie Garth for being involved in Mystery Girls. She’s an actress. She needs a job and a paycheque. She’s cashing in on rampant ’90s nostalgia by pairing up with her 90210 co-star Tori Spelling, in Tori’s quest to be culturally relevant beyond her multitude of reality TV shows.

But we can fault Tori Spelling for not ponying up for a better show. Better writing, better gay BFF, better lighting. Well, even better lighting maaaay not help her face situation.

Moving on to Young & Hungry, ABC’s other new summer sitcom. Emily Osment is cute enough as a desperate chef angling for a gig. Jonathan Sadowski, who’s probably best known as Viola’s gay BFF in She’s the Man (surely, one of the greatest movies of our time), plays the young billionaire boss. I think he’s straight in real life, but it didn’t reeeeallly translate into chemistry with any of the women on the show. That being said, at least this show is cute in a Baby Daddy kind of way. It’s watchable enough to give it time for Osment’s Gabi to tone down her shrill-ish squeaky panicky moments and for Sadowski’s Josh to acquire chemistry.

And then there’s Suits, which is obviously miiiiiiles above any of the aforementioned shows. Turns out that I, like Donna, am worried about Harvey and Mike’s bromance. And as this season’s takeover one-upmanship plot continued to play out last night, I became even more concerned; but there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel as Mike gave Harvey his dad’s master tapes. HOPE AND GOODNESS ARE STILL ALIVE. Somewhere. Disguised in three-piece suits.  

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Last Night on TV: Checking in with Chasing Life

You knew the reveal was coming too, right? Leo in the cancer support group? It was obvious. Especially when April pitched the story about him last week and her boss waved her off. “He gets a free pass”…because he’s sick. 

Not that the obviousness bothered me. I’m more concerned how they’re going to set up this love triangle. Is it going to be a love triangle? Because a lot of effort was put in to making Dominic look like a player who’s changed his game for April. Yes, he doesn’t know about the cancer; is that where he’ll freak out and bail on her? With Leo waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces?

The show’s walking the fine line between the usual ABC Family PG-rating and the fact that its lead is actually in her twenties and has a job and is by all means, an adult. So yes, she’s allowed to have sex, sleep over at a guy’s place, act a little slutty (kinda)….but we don’t get to SEE a lot of it. Would this show benefit from a little CW treatment? Maybe. But I think that would also mean it can’t deal with the cancer story lines in an ABC Family way, which is to deal with it head on in a realistic capacity. And that’s the thing that will make this show better and better, week after week. 

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Last Night on TV: Gutted by what is probably the final episode of Enlisted

It truly kills me that Fox didn’t have the good sense to keep this show in its roster and actually give it a fighting chance. KILLS ME. 

Watching Geoff Stults sitting on the beach in the episodes final minutes, slowly tearing up while he talks about his survivor’s guilt and the other feelings he’s been dealing with - or occasionally ignoring - since his return, was some of the best work I’ve ever seen from him. 

This is the sitcom we need on TV. We need it because it is funny, yes. But also because it’s real. And honest. And deals with the military in a way the world NEEDS to see. In a way America needs to see. In a way the military itself needs to see. 

Stults and Parker Young often stole the spotlight as Pete and youngest Hill brother, Randy. Young’s puppy-like exuberance was joyful, fresh and honest, which is probably why week after week, you couldn’t roll your eyes at it. Besides, that was Chris Lowell’s Derrick Hill’s job. He did it well. And it was a much needed dynamic to add. It’s like adding sea salt to caramel: Lowell made a dynamic that was already good, even better. (And let it be said: the supporting cast was a whole damn sundae bar in the grand scheme of making awesome things more awesome.)

Which is why saying goodbye is so damn hard. Even when Lori Loughlin shows up on the beach and you’re supposed to smile. You did it through an overall feeling of sadness, becoming immediately nostalgic about this show.

The killer is the end of this show signals the end of more shows we’ve yet to even see. I hope its fate won’t deter people like Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce from making more like it. I just worry that Enlisted's early demise will be something network's point to and say “well this didn't work, so that won't either.” 

Because Enlisted did work. Enlisted worked beautifully. It just wasn’t given the respect it deserved. 

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Last Night on TV: A super-sized Rookie Blue premiere…FINALLY

My home and native land, Canada, has been enjoying the likes of Rookie Blue for a month already, but alas, I left that lovely place and thus was forced to wait it out till June 19 aka ABC’s premiere date. 

15 Division picked up right where we left them, still reeling from an attack and wondering if Chloe and Swarek were going to survive their wounds. Spoiler alert:

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Last Night on TV: Melissa & Joey get a fresh teenager, the men of Suits throw tantrums

So Mel and Joe fiiiiiiinally tied the knot. (I had my doubts that it’d ever happen.) But more importantly, Joe’s long lost illegitimate daughter is going to move in so next season the grown-ups can go back to parenting. Because Nick Robinson is literally twice the height of Melissa Joan Hart, so it may be time for him to be college-bound…or manager of LazerTag or whatever.

Over on Suits, Mike and Harvey remain on opposite sides of the bargaining table and are really good at being pouty about it. Mike was especially apt at throwing fits, flinging paperwork and yelling at an old man. But at the end of the day, it got the job done. When Mike doesn’t have Harvey to do the difficult dirty work, Mike’s forced into a corner. Fight or flight? It would appear Mike’s capable of fighting, but at what cost? We’re going to see a different Mike Ross come out, that’s for sure.

Sidebar: I’m very much enjoying the addition of D.B. Woodside. He and Rick Hoffman battling and bantering is a great boost to the show’s chemistry.

Lastly, Graceland had an UBER cute goat…until some drug cartel leader slit its throat for no reason. RIP little guy.

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Last Night on TV: Playing House got dark for a bit but brought light into the world

Playing House wrapped its inaugural season with the arrival of an adorably fresh baby, eventually named Charlotte Emma.

The finale balanced real emotional heft with its standard hilarity. And then Mark broke Emma’s heart in a way that was very reminiscent of Ross being forbidding to see Rachel by Emily. 

I cannot wait for season two. 

(Source: mulaneysbutt)

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Last Night on TV: Mike becomes Harvey’s investment banker doppelganger

imageThree-piece suit, chauffeured black SUV, fast-talking sassy, know-it-all assistant…looks like Mike’s transformation into Harvey Specter is complete. Except that he’s no longer an attorney at law. And let’s be real, there’s no one as good as Donna, am I riiiight? 

BUT his new office is ROM-adjacent in Toronto! Sorry, I rarely focused on the backdrop on Suits, Toronto being masked as NYC; but now that I’m on the other side of the continent with 9 years of living in the T-dot in my rearview mirror, it’s nice to see parts of the city I recognize. 

Season four means an end to Harvey and Mike, dynamic duo, and more Harvey and Mike, power-tripping Olympics. They know each other too well but that won’t stop either man from taking the other’s challenge…or bait. Am I a fan of having them on opposite sides of the street? Not entirely. BUT I do know that something had to change after three seasons and this seems like a smart path to explore. I’m keen to get further down it.

image image image image
USA Network also welcomed back Graceland. I legitimately watched the whole first season and still couldn’t really recall how Mike, Briggs and the gang wrapped their whole drama with Jangles etc, just that Mikey was off to DC at the end of it. Oh, Aaron Tveit, you are dreamy as an FBI agent. The long of the short of it, Mike’s restless at his cushy East Coast gig and heads back to Graceland to flush out some of the Caza/Kaza cartel (as there’s a price on his head) and get his rockstar status back. 


I really did miss the chore wheel. Mike must have too because he’s moving back into the house Sorry random blonde chick in DC. The bus line - and Paige - wins, though the rest of his “team” is not pleased about this. 

Meanwhile over on ABC Family, Melissa and Joey figured out their ageing teenager problem by giving Joe a bubbly 13-year-old girl who clearly will be moving in next season. Now they just need to make it down the aisle next week in the season finale. And Baby Daddy finally let Riley and Ben give it another romantical go. MAKE OUT ALREADY, YOU TWO! 

(Gifs via

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Last Night on TV: Royal Pains’ premiere signals the return of more USA summer hits


First up, Divya’s baby is SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. 

Do I have a lot to say about Royal Pains though? Not really. It was always one of those shows that I’d watch a couple episodes of, forget for months and then marathon 5 episodes to catch up half a year later. Covert Affairs became that too in the past year. So when the HankMed gang returned this summer, I was pretty sure I could keep up but also aware that I definitely didn’t see where they ended their last season.

What Royal Pains' return signals to ME is the return of other USA Network programming - namely Suits and Graceland - later this week. WOOOOO! (There’s still a White Collar shaped hole in my heart that only Matt Bomer can cure. Additionally, remember Fairly Legal? That was some good times.)

Lastly, on the subject of USA Network programming, why isn’t EVERYONE obsessed with Playing House?! I need you to be more “THIS IS THE GREATEST!” and less: 


Summer also means the return of ABC Family fun! Hard truth: I’m never going to catch up on Pretty Little Liars so don’t come looking for A here. I’m sure it’s as cracked out as ever and I’d have CRAZY fun watching it - plus I love the leading ladies - but I just cannot. 

However, Catching Life premiered and ever since I ignored The Fosters (only to marathon 6 episodes and become totally hooked), I’ve vowed to give new shows a shot. (Though I will NEVER give Twisted a second glance; all of its promos have confirmed I made the right choice there.) 

Italia Ricci, who plays lead April, REALLY REALLY reminds me of Shiri Appleby (in general and specifically circa Roswell, but less whingy than Appleby’s Liz Parker), in a good way. Ricci really nails the whole direct, to-the-point, no nonsense girl but without being a bitch or socially awkward. It’s a fine line to walk these days. 

On the whole, cancer’s a tough plot point to make the driving factor behind a YA drama; but if there’s any network who can do it justice for its demo, I’d put my money on ABC Family every time. Switched At Birth and The Fosters are two of the best shows on TV that are dealing with real life drama and daily turbulence with characters of all ages, gender and race. Chasing Life easily has the potential to be representation for teens and 20-something adults fearlessly facing a battle of their own - whether it’s cancer or another disease that strikes down its victims without discrimination. Anything to help people cope and understand the struggles that so many face every day. 

At the end of the day, the MOST important takeaway from the premiere’s “scenes from the season” is the return of Scott Michael Foster to ABC Family! No longer will we have to rely on Greek reruns. 

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Last Night on TV: The dudes get bro-y in Connecticut and the Bachelorette has a tantrum


Instead of the usual couch potato’ing, I was actually out in the world at a screening of Edge of Tomorrow for work. (It was surprisingly VERY good! 1) I can’t say no to a movie with Tom Cruise in a military uniform. He just cuts a very nice figure! 2) Emily Blunt is totally badass. 3) While the one-liner plot line sounds dumb, it’s actually a cool premise/storyline.)

However, during this whole alien invasion explosion-a-thon, my phone was blowing up thanks to my “I Wanna Marry Harry” group chat which had been co-opted by my sister and Dila as they both watched Bachelorette on ET. Spoilers aside, I knew I was in for a treat. An awkward one as Andi’s apparent tantrum tonight was directed at the now deceased contender, Eric, who unfortunately/fortunately comes across as a really nice guy.

First things first, Andi gave Dylan the third degree over dinner about his nerves/hesitation sitting on a steam engine train. He did a stellar job opening up about his father’s death, sister’s overdose and other hugely emotional family history. Andi managed to muster a couple monotone “it’s okay”s and a “jeeeez” while he laid out his heavy baggage before her.

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Last Night on TV: My beloved Enlisted was BACK & a “bonus” ep of Bachelorette

(Gifs via ballerlikemahler)

Oh, Enlisted, how I have missed you. Fox abused you so but I love you. And I’ve got my fingers crossed that these episodes being aired will find you a new home (Hulu? Amazon? Netflix? GET ON IT!). 

Also, it kills me that Prank War didn’t air where and when it was supposed to. It perfectly encapsulates the Hill brothers’ relationship. Geoff Stults gets to have fun being terrible at pranks. Chris Lowell steps up for what he does best: sarcasm, distain, and uttering the word “pubis.” Parker Young gets to be both somewhat ridiculously bone-headed but STILL smarter than his eldest brother. 

Hot off of their How I Met Your Mother final season cameo, Boyz II Men turned up on a very special Sunday episode of Bachelorette. Oy. But first, Nick got the first one-on-one date (which thrilled my sister as she feels he’s “the best”). While he and his lady fair walked on the beach, this intense intellectual conversation happened back at the mansion: 

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Essential summer TV viewing: “I Wanna Marry Harry” and why my friends are awesome

Due to being distance-challenged (read: I now live on the west coast and all my closest friends are in easterly time zones), FOX’s new summer reality show “I Wanna Marry Harry” has forced me to create a What’sApp group chat (aptly titled “important discussions”) so that we can all watch together while not at all together. 

So far, the first 20 minutes of commentary coming in on my phone is probably the best thing I’ve read today (though yes, it makes me incredibly homesick and sad that I’m not sitting in my apartment with everyone chatting and drinking wine): 

Miss you, ladies. xo. 

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