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Essential summer TV viewing: “I Wanna Marry Harry” and why my friends are awesome

Due to being distance-challenged (read: I now live on the west coast and all my closest friends are in easterly time zones), FOX’s new summer reality show “I Wanna Marry Harry” has forced me to create a What’sApp group chat (aptly titled “important discussions”) so that we can all watch together while not at all together. 

So far, the first 20 minutes of commentary coming in on my phone is probably the best thing I’ve read today (though yes, it makes me incredibly homesick and sad that I’m not sitting in my apartment with everyone chatting and drinking wine): 

Miss you, ladies. xo. 

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Last Night on TV: Suits wraps up its third season with a whimpering bang

It’s the end of an era! Okay, that’s a titch over-dramatic on my part. But it was an emotional time for Harvey and Mike and therefore me as well. Fortunately investment bankers wear suits too, so there’s no name change needed for season four (as if they’d consider it).

However, it’s the dynamic back-and-forth between Harvey and Mike that MADE this show what it is. I look forward to seeing how they flush out this new situation (while maintaining the duo’s chemistry and friendship) in the new world. Series creator Aaron Korsch assured us all (via an interview with EW that you can read here) that this isn’t a move that will be quickly undone. Sets have been built, stories have been planned, and Mike’s getting his own Donna. (Though let’s be real, no one will ever out-Donna Sarah Rafferty.)

The finale proved just how fantastic Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht are at just BEING these two characters. Their scenes in this episode — the chair-throwing anger, the tearful anguished but logical plea to leave the firm — this is the primary relationship that this show thrives on and keeps fan tuning in week after week. It’s not Mike and Rachel; not Harvey and Scotty; not even Harvey and Donna; just Mike and Harvey till the bitter end.

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Last Night on TV: Did #SHIELD’s Hydra ep make sense if you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Seriously, show of hands. Does it work? I came out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and immediately thought, “Did Joss Whedon just blow up his TV show? Because he just disbanded S.H.I.E.L.D. and he’s got a show about, uh, Shield…” Maybe he decided to cancel it before ABC did? I’d understand that.

That being said, the obvious reveal was still Ward’s allegiances. You knew, right? I was about 60% convinced when when Victoria started making her case that Coulson was Hydra citing Ward’s “emotional” execution last week. And then his volunteering to “turn the key” on his mentor’s jail cell really cemented it.

If this is the end of the show, at least it’s got a major plot to carry it to the end. And should we get a season two, well,…perhaps this is the way to get rid of Ward and fix some of the group’s chemistry and dynamics. (Is it too much to ask that the Skye mystery is also solved and that removes her from the team?)

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Last Night on TV: Something was missing…

Despite the less than stellar series finale last week, it was notably off-putting to not have a new episode of How I Met Your Mother this week. Just me?

In short, there was nothing to watch other than Bones and Star-Crossed, which is slowing moving from “cheesy bad but good” to straight up “um..this is just bad.” I can not fathom how Aimee Teegarden can make making out with Matt Lanter so unsexy. I’ve seen that guy have chemistry with everything including a wall on 9O21O. His acting may have some limitations, but I’ll buy whatever he’s selling here. The flaw is it takes two to kiss and Julie Taylor (as she will always be known - sorry Emery) alters between looking like she’s selling it too hard or ready to pull away mid-smooch.

That might have been her closest attempt at looking into it. Matt Lanter, you keep doing you. Oomph.

Honourable mention to Greg Finley (Drake - wait, is that his name?) and Jesse Luken (Eric). No, not because they’re hot; because I actually caught up on last week’s ep and then this week’s and someone in the writer’s room is doing a solid job giving those characters actual levels and depth. It’s a little surprising how much I’m enjoying their performances. Now could the women get more interesting please?

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Last Night on TV: The Good Wife gut punches viewers into black holes of despair

I don’t think I’m remotely ready to discuss The Good Wife. Is Josh Charles available to come comfort fans on a one-on-one basis? I need someone to hold me through this grieving process.

While I wait on that, I respect and admire Robert and Michelle King’s story-telling process and, in many ways, agree what they wrote in their letter to the fans. (Via Vulture)

PS. I’m probably going to be reblogging a number of Good Wife-related gifs/photos. I do not apologize.

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Last Night on TV: Kevin Bacon cut loose on The Tonight Show

I know all the major stunt work wasn’t Bacon, but he’s looking pretty good doing the minor stuff. I think Kevin Bacon does it more for me now than he did 30 years ago in Footloose. Not that it was 30 years ago when I saw that movie — just that older Kevin Bacon is hotter than 1984 Kevin Bacon. I don’t know what that says about me but I think it’s okay.

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