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I picked this track at random a couple weeks back to add to my current tunes du jour playlist and found myself breaking out into dance in the street. (It can’t be helped!) Since last week’s concert, I’ve been listening to more of Hanson’s Shout It Out album - I cannot praise it enough. Start to finish, I really love it.

The best part about the very simple and fun video? Baby Hansons! So cute!

Give A Little (by ITZHANSON)

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Bits and bites of how weird Wednesday can get

Just perusing the entertainment news this morning - residual catching up from a weekend offline even - and seemed to have stumbled into 1996 with this piece of news:

Hanson concert cancelled because of ridiculously large crowds!?! Ok, fine it was a Hanson-Drake collaboration (Drake being a nice little reality reassurance that it is 2010) but there’s video footage of the assembled masses on NY Mag. Those of you concerned that a Hanson revival is imminent, start panicking. No really, because 1) they’re new song is catchy and 2) they now look like men and cover a variety of fashionable looks (meaning they’ll attract both new and old fans). Just letting you know.

Next on the Wednesday early morning docket: Jon Gosselin’s kids are making more money than him. How’s that for a kick in the balls? To be fair, the kids are doing all the work in this situation; he’s being paid to shut up and fade away while they play, continue to wear cute matching outfits all the while harassing and putting up with alpha-mom Kate. It’s a lot to do when you’re still celebrating single digit birthdays.

Lots of Glee news today! Much to the dismay and delight (it’s a confusing world I tell you) of Coldplay fans, the band caved and handed over their whole songbook to the show, should they want it. Bryan Adams however is still holding out. (The bastard! I would REALLY like a good Glee cover of Summer of ‘69.) Also, JT is in talks to join the cast…as Mr. Shue’s bro and substitute teacher?! Which is great but first things first: siblings may look alike but most have separate interests and skill sets, no? Fine, they can both be hot sexy singers and dancers. I won’t actually complain.

And here’s something completely gratuitous to wrap this up because really I don’t know how else to.

peace, CJP

Oh, I haven’t forgotten about NYC. Just busy post-work extra-curriculars and have yet to deal with photos etc. Come back on Friday or Saturday.

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